Kingdoms of Kalamar

The first room

First room at bottom of stairs

The group started at the bottom of the stair-case of the mage-tower’s dungeon. In the middle of the next room were two dead goblins and a statue. We started into the room, lead by Bijaz followed by Arik; but a trap was triggered which caused a very large rock to block the path, trapping Bijaz and Arik inside the room.

Bijaz inspects the lock and discovers it seems to be a time device; so the rock should retract after some amount of time. All search around but are unable to discover a way to retract the rock.

Bijaz and Arik venture into the room and inspect the goblins, but find nothing. Bijaz inspects the statue and discovers its head could move; Arik un-unscrewed the head and Bijaz went to search inside its cavity when a large creature appeared. In one hit it knocks Arik unconcious, then it goes after Bijaz, missing the first swing (with its arm momentarily disolving into smoke), but with its second hit knocking Bijaz unconcious. During the fight, Ava and Fizzle summon creatures to help fight, but they die quickly doing little damage; likewise Gidgit fires arrows but does no damage. Fizzle casts detect magic and sees the creature has a illusion aura. We share this knowledge and feel the beast was likely lvl4-8, and may have been an illusion. This means its master may be at least level 8-12.

After Bijaz and Arik are knocked out, the creature retreats into the room’s ceiling. The two adventurers wake up, and are left with puncture wounds on their neck, but seem not to be poisoned. They search the three opened rooms. In the statue they find a large iron key (Arik keeps it), and a wooden scrole tube with a scroll holding two spells: Protection from Evil, and Spider Climb (Fizzle holds this). In the room to the left Bijaz finds a dagger with a gem, Fizzle and Ava identify it as having a combat bonus with arcane runes centered around the gem (Bijaz keeps the dagger).

The group waits more than 8 hours for the rock to lift from the path-way; Fizzle rests. When it lifts, Bijaz and Arik leave the room but trigger the trap again. The group heads back to camp to wait out trap so Bijaz can try to disarm it once it’s up.


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The first room

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