6100. The people of Fopasido have the raven hair of the Dejy, but they appear more Kalamaran or Brandobian in facial features. Fewer than 1,000 of the citizens are halflings or gnomes. Other demihumans are rare.

At a Glance:

The population number is deceiving, because the city of Fopasido looks like hundreds of villages across the Sovereign Lands. The city has no walls, no towering palace, and no great central market. Its homes are spread out among trees scores or hundreds of years old, and its people only gather together on holy days.


The city is the center of a small barony, ruled by Baron Janesh Daresti, who claims very distant connection to the first Brandobians to migrate here over 500 years ago.


Fopasido has existed for generations on the slow, deliberate mining of an electrum vein in the Legasas. The mine has had its troubles, but it has always been reliable until recently. The Peaks also provide tin, but the mines are distant, and bringing the ore back to the town is difficult and expensive enough to make the effort a waste of time. Now, the townsfolk sell their wool, hemp, butter, wax, and other goods in Daresido.


The town’s military formerly consisted of a militia armed with farm tools and hunting bows. A handful of real weapons and a little experience barely kept the town from being overrun by indifferent kobold or bugbear raids from the Adiv Hills. Now the town is full of fighting men from across the Young Kingdoms.


The Halls of the Valiant and the Home Foundation are the only two faiths large enough to have full-time temples. Most other good and neutral faiths have a handful of followers, generally led by a prominent citizen from an altar in his home. Clerics of these faiths are always welcome and invited to lead services.

Mages & Sages:

The town has ne resident wizards, although one of the adventuring wizards who has come to visit lately has fallen in love with the baker’s oldest daughter and is planning to move here permanently.


Aside from the usual trouble of rambunctious boys and a miner trying to take more than his wages out of the mines, Fopasido sees little crime, let alone enough for an organized thieves’ guild. Law enforcement includes one sheriff and from one to four deputies appointed by the sheriff as needed.

Interesting Sites:

Just southwest of the city lies a huge crater where a meteorite fell to earth four generations ago.


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