• Almah Roveshki

    Almah Roveshki

    Almah is a beautiful young merchant princess, the latest in a long line of wealthy agents of the Pactmasters of Katapesh.
  • Eli Luzfador

    Eli Luzfador

    Illegitimate offspring of the great wizard Drin.
  • Elzid Natholin

    Elzid Natholin

    A notorius wizard and alchemist.
  • Erilyn Windfellow

    Erilyn Windfellow

    A raven haired woman scarely more than 18 years old.
  • Garavel


    With a lantern jaw and short black hair, the dashing Garavel looks more like a swordsman than an accountant and business expert, yet it is he who oversees much of Almah’s personal business.
  • Loren Kenither

    Loren Kenither

    Loren wears a plain brown robe and a belt lined with pouches.