Kingdoms of Kalamar

Fopasido Firsts

After meeting each other and agreeing that they were all quite skilled and great the group goes to the city’s center to gather rumors and information about potential adventuring work…

  • the theatre propietor is fighting with the stablehand’s uncle
  • if you stand at the corner of Mulberry Street and King’s Road at midnight under a full moon you’ll be visited by a dragon spirit
  • there is a local sage who is interested in hiring a group of adventurers
  • the cows near the village of Davyd’s Rest are suffering from a strange illness

After inquiring after the sage looking for adventurers the group travels to the residence of Loren Kenither. He offers a reward of 150 gp for clues to Elzid Natholin’s demise, specifically:

  • Determine the cause of the explosion at Elzid’s tower.
  • Did Elzid fall victim to his own magic, or did something else send him to his grave?
  • What has happened to Erilyn Windfellow?

The group then travel to the home of Erilyn Windfellow to find clues as to her disappearance. There they meet Erilyn’s father, who would be eternally grateful to hear news of his missing daughter. At the Windfellow home they learn:

  • Erilyn in not the type to dally with men, nor is she much inclined to act upon romantic whims.
  • Erilyn had been known to meet with Elzid, not often but they had been spotted together, in the city.
  • Erilyn had brought home flowers, which she said were from Elzid, but no other gifts or tokens. The flowers appeared to be wildflowers like the ones which grow upon the hillside near the tower.
  • Erilyn has a younger sister, but they did not get along very well.
  • Erilyn enjoys reading, what she can find to read, and is a quiet and contemplative personality.
  • Erilyn is quite beautiful, she stands out from her peers with her striking features.

The group heads towards the outskirts of Fopasido, on their way they stop by the guard house near the city limits to enquire about Erilyn. The guard remembers his fellow mentioning her leave the city one evening. He seemed embarrased to comment any further except that his fellow did not feel it warranted him leaving his post.

Outside of Fopasido, and on the way to Elzid’s tower, the group makes camp as sundown approaches. Unfortunately the campground was located in the territory of an aggressive Hippogriff who chose to attack the group’s horses during the night. Luckily the creature was not part of a mating pair and the group dipatched the creature quickly and efficiently.


If there is anything i’ve missed, or perhaps some insights you guys would like to discuss go ahead and leae comments. Then you’ll all be on the same page next game. Which is set, by the way, for June 25, at 8:30 pm at the Gnomes’ place.

Fopasido Firsts

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