Kingdoms of Kalamar

The first room

First room at bottom of stairs

The group started at the bottom of the stair-case of the mage-tower’s dungeon. In the middle of the next room were two dead goblins and a statue. We started into the room, lead by Bijaz followed by Arik; but a trap was triggered which caused a very large rock to block the path, trapping Bijaz and Arik inside the room.

Bijaz inspects the lock and discovers it seems to be a time device; so the rock should retract after some amount of time. All search around but are unable to discover a way to retract the rock.

Bijaz and Arik venture into the room and inspect the goblins, but find nothing. Bijaz inspects the statue and discovers its head could move; Arik un-unscrewed the head and Bijaz went to search inside its cavity when a large creature appeared. In one hit it knocks Arik unconcious, then it goes after Bijaz, missing the first swing (with its arm momentarily disolving into smoke), but with its second hit knocking Bijaz unconcious. During the fight, Ava and Fizzle summon creatures to help fight, but they die quickly doing little damage; likewise Gidgit fires arrows but does no damage. Fizzle casts detect magic and sees the creature has a illusion aura. We share this knowledge and feel the beast was likely lvl4-8, and may have been an illusion. This means its master may be at least level 8-12.

After Bijaz and Arik are knocked out, the creature retreats into the room’s ceiling. The two adventurers wake up, and are left with puncture wounds on their neck, but seem not to be poisoned. They search the three opened rooms. In the statue they find a large iron key (Arik keeps it), and a wooden scrole tube with a scroll holding two spells: Protection from Evil, and Spider Climb (Fizzle holds this). In the room to the left Bijaz finds a dagger with a gem, Fizzle and Ava identify it as having a combat bonus with arcane runes centered around the gem (Bijaz keeps the dagger).

The group waits more than 8 hours for the rock to lift from the path-way; Fizzle rests. When it lifts, Bijaz and Arik leave the room but trigger the trap again. The group heads back to camp to wait out trap so Bijaz can try to disarm it once it’s up.

Up The Hill

After defeating the hippogriff and resting for the remainder of the night, the group begins a fresh day. Gidget brings down a deer and while the spellcasters prepare themselves for the day Gidget and Bijaz work on preserving the meat for rations.

The group travels to the hill that Elzid’s tower sits (or used to sit) upon. They set up an encampment where they leave the horses picketed. A quick scan of the hill by Fizzle’s familiar highlights out some points of interest around the hill and the footprint of where the tower once stood.

The group travels to the first point of interest which was a stone statue of a gargoyle. Worried that this may actually be a real gargoyle the group sends Arik in to deal a resounding blow. The blow does very little damage to the stone statue, but it does disturb the nest of large monstrous centipedes that were living underneath. The group valiantly dispatched the wriggling creatures, managing to avoid succumbing to the vermins’ paralytic poison. In the debris near the statue Bijaz finds a dented and blackened cauldron.

Continuing forwards to the next point of interest the group finds a male human corpse, clothed but without and weapons or other equipment. The cause of death appeared to be a poisonous sting. The tracks of the human lead to the body but there are no other tracks to be found.

Two more human bodies, one male and one female were also found, all with the same sting on the neck, all without weapons or equipment. The female corpse does not appear to be Erilyn as the hair colour did not match the description and this woman features looked to be quite plain. Another statue was searched, but it was just a stone statue made to look like a gargoyle.

While searching the tower debris along the hillside the following items were found:

  • An ornamental dagger with 3 agates set into the pommel
  • A scorched book titled The Making of a Good Tyrant with a letter addressed to Eli Luzfador stuffed inside it. The letter read as follows:
    “I cannot believe that the infernal dukes would reward me so unfairly, especially after all of my evil deeds. I ask for a legion of baatezu, and instead I get one measly … (letter burned here) … Would you be so kind as to return the book you borrowed from me last winter. There are some particularly nasty spells inside, as you well know, that may be useful.” The rest of the letter is burned.

At the apex of the hill, where the tower used to stand the group sees a spiral staircase leading down into darkness. As the group discusses the next plan of action a group of blackbirds fly overhead. When investigated by Fizzle’s familiar the birds flew off and settled into trees again nearby.

The group agrees on a marching order and descends into the darkness of the staircase. Bijaz leads the group while searching ahead for traps and other interesting things.

Fopasido Firsts

After meeting each other and agreeing that they were all quite skilled and great the group goes to the city’s center to gather rumors and information about potential adventuring work…

  • the theatre propietor is fighting with the stablehand’s uncle
  • if you stand at the corner of Mulberry Street and King’s Road at midnight under a full moon you’ll be visited by a dragon spirit
  • there is a local sage who is interested in hiring a group of adventurers
  • the cows near the village of Davyd’s Rest are suffering from a strange illness

After inquiring after the sage looking for adventurers the group travels to the residence of Loren Kenither. He offers a reward of 150 gp for clues to Elzid Natholin’s demise, specifically:

  • Determine the cause of the explosion at Elzid’s tower.
  • Did Elzid fall victim to his own magic, or did something else send him to his grave?
  • What has happened to Erilyn Windfellow?

The group then travel to the home of Erilyn Windfellow to find clues as to her disappearance. There they meet Erilyn’s father, who would be eternally grateful to hear news of his missing daughter. At the Windfellow home they learn:

  • Erilyn in not the type to dally with men, nor is she much inclined to act upon romantic whims.
  • Erilyn had been known to meet with Elzid, not often but they had been spotted together, in the city.
  • Erilyn had brought home flowers, which she said were from Elzid, but no other gifts or tokens. The flowers appeared to be wildflowers like the ones which grow upon the hillside near the tower.
  • Erilyn has a younger sister, but they did not get along very well.
  • Erilyn enjoys reading, what she can find to read, and is a quiet and contemplative personality.
  • Erilyn is quite beautiful, she stands out from her peers with her striking features.

The group heads towards the outskirts of Fopasido, on their way they stop by the guard house near the city limits to enquire about Erilyn. The guard remembers his fellow mentioning her leave the city one evening. He seemed embarrased to comment any further except that his fellow did not feel it warranted him leaving his post.

Outside of Fopasido, and on the way to Elzid’s tower, the group makes camp as sundown approaches. Unfortunately the campground was located in the territory of an aggressive Hippogriff who chose to attack the group’s horses during the night. Luckily the creature was not part of a mating pair and the group dipatched the creature quickly and efficiently.

Story so Far...

After finally getting frustrated enough with the Brandobian view on demihumans being inferior to themselves the members of the group (except Arik) have travelled to the Young Kingdoms in search of a chance to make a name for themselves. They all manage, one way or another, to find themselves at the city of Fopasido, a sprawling city in the Militocracy of Korak.

Arik, having witnessed first hand the far reaching effects of the new anti-demihuman policies, has decided to bring together a group of adventurers to aid the cause of Demihumans around the Empire. It just so happened that it was an ENTIRE group of demihumans who chose to answer his call…


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